»Wir atmen Bauhaus-Luft...«

A reminder of the pioneers of the modern world
Thursday 14.11.2019 (Start 19:00 | Entry 18:00)

An exhibition was setup up from the 15th of August to the 30. of September 1923 on the occasion of the Bauhaus existing for three years. Kurt Weill, who went to visit the exhibition with his teacher Busoni, met Igor Strawinski there, who’s piece “Die Geschichte vom Soldaten” was performed there. This meeting went on to strongly affect Weill’s creative work.
This multimedia program of Wüst/Schmiedel/Schebera combines the music of the two “Masters” Busoni and Strawinsky, with work from the young generation of their days. Wladimir Vogel, Paul Hindemith, Ernst Schulhoff, Hanns Eisler, Willhelm Grosz and, last but not least, Kurt Weill.

Singing: Stefanie Wüst
Piano: Reinhard Schmiedel
Texts: Dr. Jürgen Schebera

Free entry

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Luisenstraße 18
10117 Berlin