Nissim Black In Concert

The rapper with the kippa
Wednesday 13.11.2019 (Start 20:00 | Entry 19:00)

A lot of careers have a rocky start. This definitely also applies to the on of Nissim Black, whos parents were also musicians and performed with the likes of Ray Charles and Quincy Jones. He grew up in Seattle’s drug scene, but managed to get out of it through his own strength of will. Growing up as a non-practicing Muslim, he converted to Christianity after visiting a summer camp at the age of 14. Later on in his life, now as a husband and father, he turned to Judaism, the belief that has had a massive impact on his life, as well as on his music. Nissim is now an orthodox Jew. He has been on tour for several years and hits like “A Million Year” and “Hashem Melech” have gathered millions of views online.

Photo: Nissim Black, © Marko Deshev

Entry € 30,00 plus ticket and advance booking fees
Tickets available at all known advance ticket offices and online on:
or by phone on:
+49 1806 999 000 606 (0,20 EUR/connection from German landline, max. 0,60 EUR/connection from German landline)

Tickets will be available on location on the day of the event. (No discount will be available and payment has to be in cash)


Columbiadamm 9-11
10965 Berlin