READING: Briefe von Rosa Luxemburg

and panel discussion »Ankommen in Berlin - Das Forum mit Harald Asel«
Thursday 14.11.2019 (Start 18:00 discussion, 20:00 reading | Entry 17:00)

How did and do people perceive Jews who are new to a city? Taking Rosa Luxemburg as an example, who was a Jew, Polish, a communist, a woman and disabled, Tom Strohschneider, Lana Lux, Felix Klein and Harald Asel discuss what it is and what it was like to come to a new city as a Jew. An important part of this discussion is based around the works of Rosa Luxemburg. The discussion is followed by Daphna Rosenthal reading Rosa Luxemburg’s »Briefe aus dem Gefängnis«.

An event in cooperation with Inforadio (RBB). The discussion is being recorded for the Inforadio-Show »Das Forum mit Harald Asel«.

Photo: Daphna Rosenthal, © Janine Guldener

Entry € 7,00 / discounted € 4,00 plus ticket and advance booking fees
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Fasanenstraße 23
10719 Berlin