"Was ist der Mensch in Berlin?"

The actor Florian Stetter reads out letters from Alfred Kerr
SAT 11.11.2017 (08:00 pm)

December 2017 will be the time of the 150th birthday of the most influential German critic and essayist Alfred Kerr. Not many others have been able to describe human life as empathic as he did. Given the rapid changes taking place in Berlin and the world, his works seem surprisingly current. The actor and Grimme awardee Florian Stetter reads out of letters written by Kerr between 1895 and 1900 in the capital city of the German Empire, later published by the Aufbau Verlag with the title “Was ist der Mensch in Berlin?” (What does it mean to be a human being in Berlin?). Simon Strauß, journalist and theatre critic for the F.A.Z, is moderating the evening.

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Else-Ury-Bogen 600–601
10623 Berlin