"Go! But be my Friend!"

Film & Literature Festival at Mendelssohn-Remise
10.–12.11.2017 (18:00)

Maybe the paradoxical farewell, with which Nathan the Wise was dismissed by Sultan Aladin, describes the limits and possibilities of rivaling religions. “Go! But be my friend”, ends the tale of the Ring Parable, Lessing’s educational text regarding the dialogue of denominations.

The film- and literature festival for the 50th anniversary of the Mendelssohn-Gesellschaft, presents documentaries, feature films and novels, which reflect on the Jewish-German history under that title; emancipation and discrimination in the 18th century with Moses Mendelsshon, Lessing and the court agent Josef Süß Oppenheimer; assimilation and success in the 19th century with Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Moritz Daniel Oppenheim; escaping, casting out and exiling in the 20th century with Lion Feuchtwanger, Conrad Veidt and Lothar Mendes, with Wilhelm Speyer and Max Reinhardt.


Friday, 10th of November
18:00 Festival opening and introduction to the film: Cornelie von Bismarck and Thomas Lackmann, vice chairwoman of the Mendelssohn-Gesellschaft.
18:15 “Auf der Suche nach Herrn Moses”. Documentary, Directed by Tamara Wyss, D 1990, 60’.
19:30 Lion Feuchtwanger: “Jud Süss”, Novel, 1925. Reading: Ilja Richter.
20:15 “Jew Süß / Power” feature film, directed by Lothar Mendes, GB 1935, 108’.
First showing with German subtitles. Introduction to the film: Heike Klapdor.
22:15 Formal reception.

Saturday, 11th of November
13:30 Moritz Daniel Oppenheim. “The first Jewish Painter”. Documentary, directed by Isabel Gathof, D 2017, 72’. Following: Isabel Gathof speaking with Christina Tilmann.
16:00 “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” feature film, directed by Max Reinhardt / William Dieterle, music: Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, USA 1935, 132’, Original with subtitles.
19:00 “Nathan der Weise” silent film, directed by Manfred Noa, D 1922, 123’. Introduction to the film: Heike Klapdor.

Sunday, 12th of November
13:30 “Das Tagebuch der Hochzeitsreise” documentary, directed by Andre Vallana, CH 2010, 60’.
15:00 Wilhelm Speyer: “Das Glück der Andernachs”: Novel, 1947. Reading: Eleonora Weissgerber accompanied by commentary from Wolfgang Jacobson.
16:00 “Freunde in Preußen, oder ob ein edler Jude etwas Unwahrscheinliches sei”. Television Film, directed by Rolf Busch, DDR / BRD 1981, 95’. Introduction: Thomas Lackmann.
18:00 “Die Mendelssohn-Villa des Hofarchitekten Ernst von Ihne im Grunewald als Film-Kulisse”. Lecture: Sebastian Panwitz.
19:30 “Black Hand / Blutrache in New York” feature film. Directed by Richard Throrpe. USA 1950. With Eleonora von Mendelssohn. 91’54” (uncut, German dubbed version with scenes in the original version)

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Film Showings: Ticket 5 €; Day Pass: 10 €; Festival Pass: 20 €.
In cooperation with the 30. Jüdische Kulturtage, supported by the Ursula Lachnit-Fixson Foundation.

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